'Blood & Water': Season 3: Premiere date, cast and trailer


'Blood & Water' Season 3: Premiere date, cast and trailer

 'Blood & Water' ('How much does blood weigh?') is a series that premiered in 2020 on Netflix. So far, the production has two seasons, but at the end of November the third arrives on the streaming service.

The series stars Ama Qamata, Khosi Ngema and Gail Mabalane, and tells the story of a high school student who after going to a party and seeing a young woman who could be her kidnapped sister begins to investigate the subject.

Have you seen 'Blood & Water' yet? If the answer is yes, then you are looking forward to the premiere of the third season. Next, we tell you more about it.


What is 'Blood & Water: Season 3' about?

The series tells the story of Puleng Khumalo, a teenager who lives under the shadow of a sister who was kidnapped, she had never been interested in looking for her until one day at a party she meets Fikile Bhele, a young woman who would be her missing relative.

Therefore, throughout the first season, the young woman decides to investigate the subject and thus discovers that Fikile would be her sister, although before revealing the truth she must be sure of the news.

Later, in the second season you get to know more about the abduction of babies and how that has become a mafia in Cape Town and many people of great purchasing power would be involved.

So, in the third season it is expected to know more about the life of a teenager who stopped dealing with the typical problems of age to become a detective and thus discover the truth about her kidnapped sister.


When does 'Blood & Water: Season 3' premiere?

The third season of the series arrives on Netflix on November 25. This is highly anticipated by the followers of the story, since you will be able to know more about child trafficking.


On which streaming platform will 'Blood & Water: Season 3' be available?

'Blood & Water' returns to Netflix with a new season and that makes its followers happy, since the second left with many questions.


'Blood & Water': Season 3 Trailer


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