Manifest TV Series: Why Cal is the Dragon Who Can Save Humanity?

"Manifest": Why Cal is the Dragon Who Can Save Humanity


Cal is the key piece to saving the world in part 2 of season 4 of "Manifest". The young interpreter of Ty Doran shares the dragon quality with Henry Kim but has been hinted that the Netflix series has positioned itself as the hero to avoid total destruction in 2023. Here's why he's key and what sets him apart from Kim.

And who understood it well was Zeke, the last hero to fall in part 1 of the recent installment of "Manifest". He heard that Olive and TJ talked about the possibilities of saving humanity and how Cal was the only one who could save them.

Zeke absorbed the leukemia that was killing Cal's body and sacrificed himself for the sake of the only hope, dying to the tears of Michaela, his wife, in one of the most moving deaths of the television show.

In this way, followers of "Manifest" have wondered why Cal is the only dragon who can save the world from the volcanic apocalypse instead of Henry Kim. Here we tell you what he knows about the difference between dragons.


Cal is the only dragon that can prevent the end of the world by the interpretation of the prophecy made by Olive and TJ, where a "dragon inside a sapphire that closes on the scales of Maat" is mentioned. The first understood that he was referring to a dragon touched by sapphire, as Cal did with the Omega Sapphire.

When the protagonist touched the Omega Sapphire to destroy it, he would have received some powers, entering into the description of the prophecy explained by Olive and TJ, conversation that Zeke overheard to decide to give his life for Cal's survival.

This interaction of Cal would have given him divine abilities that will be fundamental to rescue humanity from the apocalypse planned for 2024. That's the big difference he's had with the other dragon Herny Kim.


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