My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained

Mr. Compress risked his life to release himself in "Final Performance," the thirteenth episode of "My HeroAcademia" season 6, in order to give the villains a chance to defeat the heroes. Interestingly, Shigaraki's sacrifice is not in vain, as One for All is able to seize control of his body before things spiral out of control. Izuku, meantime, makes a surprising discovery after briefly losing consciousness on the battlefield. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of "My Hero Academia" season 6 episode 13. Spoilers follow!

Recap of My Hero Academia, Season 6, Episode 13

After the sedative eventually takes effect and renders Gigantomachia unconscious, Best Jeanist uses his ability to tie up every bad guy, effectively eliminating them from the conflict and granting the heroes an unheard-of moral triumph. However, it has come at a significant cost since the majority of heroes are gravely hurt or unconscious. Therefore, Best Jeanist strives to tighten his hold on the foes even more so that they pass out quickly.

Mr. Compress, meanwhile, remembers the League of Villains' early years, when they were extremely poor and seldom ever had enough to eat. Shigaraki realizes that it is now his duty to pull off something unexpected and offer his allies a chance at victory even though he is barely conscious and others are not even in a condition to fight.

Is Mr. Compress Dead in the Final Scene of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 13? What Relationship Had He to the Peerless Thief?

Mr. Compress is able to move his hand from its original place and use his quirk as he risks his own life and digs his own body out of the way to allow for movement. When he succeeds in getting free, Best Jeanist immediately attempts to tie him up again, but the villain is quick to escape right away by foreseeing his aim. Now that his pals have a chance to win, Mr. Compress is committed to doing so. The identity of Mr. Compress as Atsuhiro Sako is then made known. When he was very young, he remembers hearing (perhaps from his father) a story about Oji Harima, also known as the Peerless Thief.

He was quite active and criticized the Pro Heroes who made a fortune by defending the civilians when the hero society was just beginning to take on its current form. Harima chose to go after them personally because she believed they were crooked. He frequently stole their money and gave it to the regular people, whom he believed to be the real owners of the fortune. It turns out that Mr. Compress, also known as Atsuhiro Sako, is the Peerless Thief's great-great-grandson. Mr. Compress also succeeds in freeing Shigaraki and Spinner because he is convinced he can help the bad guys.

Mr. Compress is getting ready to reveal yet another secret trick while Spinner tries to awaken Tomura, but Mirio's well-timed attack stops the villain just in time. Unfortunately, One for All has since retaken control of Shigaraki and continues to force the heroes back as they prepare to flee. By this point, Mr. Compress' injuries were too severe, and he appears to pass away during the conflict.

What is Danger Sense?

The Danger Sense, as its name suggests, is a quirk that provides people the capacity to detect an impending danger. This ability can be crucial in fighting because it gives one more time to respond to a prospective attack. Negative feelings and the aggressor's intention are the main factors that determine how well the ability works. Hikage Shinomori, the fourth person to use the One For All Quirk, was the one who first employed it. Izuku unintentionally manifested it while fighting the Paranormal Liberation Front and only noticed it after he was powerless on the ground.

Izuku: Does He Stop Shigaraki?

Izuku believes it is now his duty to tip the scales in the favor of the heroes after Igenium, Shoto, Lemillion, and others gave it their all but were unable to stop Shigaraki and his soldiers from fleeing. Izuku uses the Blackwhip quirk from his mouth to move forward as Shigaraki, who is currently under All for One's control, is fleeing to bridge the gap between him and the bad guy.

He is attempting it desperately, and he is unable to defend himself from Shigaraki because both of his arms are entirely broken. Izuku is made fun of by One for All, who then warns him before attacking All Might's replacement. Izuku, who is unable to defend himself against the bad guy, is defeated with ease with just one attack.



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