Rush Hour 4 Movie is Confirmed with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

"Rush Hour 4", will there really be a fourth installment of the film?

Rush Hour
is one of cinema's most iconic action-comedy franchises. After Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker made the third film, the stories of the dynamic duo seemed to end there. Recently, one of the protagonists gave a hint that could indicate that there will be a continuation.

The actors co-starred in the original film in 1998, before reprising their roles in the next two sequels. While Chan played Detective Lee of the Royal Hong Kong Police, Tucker was Detective James Carter of the Los Angeles Police (LAPD). When they are sent to Star City to solve the kidnapping of the consul's daughter, the two associate and become inseparable.

The third film was released 15 years ago and left the history of the cops after their fight against Chinese organized crime of the Triads.

Since then, there have been some rumors about a possible fourth installment, but nothing solid. About three years ago, Chris Tucker hinted that the film was brewing in an appearance he made on the "Winging It" podcast. However, then there was no more news and definitely no feature film was released.

On this occasion, everything indicates that the hope of seeing new adventures of the pair is not yet lost.


Jackie Chan recently hinted that they are working on "Rush Hour 4." According to Deadline, at the Red Sea Film Festival, the actor provided an update on the matter.

"We're talking about part 4," Chan told the audience.

In addition, he revealed that, after his appearance at the festival, he was going to meet with the director to talk about the script. However, he did not specify who the project manager was or whether the script is actually finished or still being developed.

Most likely, Chris Tucker is also back, as a sequel to "Rush Hour" with only one of them would be inconceivable. Also, it has been the chemistry between them that made it have so much place in the public.

Everything indicates that both Jackie Chan, Tucker and New Line Cinema (the original distributor) want a fourth installment to be made, it is only a matter of how long it will take.


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