The head of Sony confirms the release of Spider-Man 4.

Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures, has stated that there will be another Spider-Man film. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, which concluded with a curse that erased everyone's memory of Peter Parker, we last saw the character one year ago.

"You bet," Rothman replied to The Hollywood Reporter when asked about another Spider-Man movie. "When you can expect it, I don't know. Serve no wine before its time."

It's uncertain if or when Tom Holland will make a comeback as the webslinger. Amy Pascal, a producer for Sony, first indicated there will be a third trilogy, but Sony insiders later contradicted her and she later apologized.

Marvel hasn't yet revealed any additional Spider-Man movies, despite having already unveiled their full Phase 5 schedule and a few of their Phase 6 projects. More Spider-Man adventures appear inevitable considering that No Way Home earned $1.9 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of the pandemic period.

The new teaser for Sony's upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which will be released in 2023, teases Miles Morales' participation in yet another multiverse adventure.

"Listen, all I'll say is that we have some very, very exciting things to be talking about," Holland has said of his Spidey role. "I don't know what those things are, or what they will transpire to be, but it looks like it's an incredibly bright future ahead. And, as I've said before, Spider-Man will forever live in me."

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, the following film in the Marvel release schedule, hits theaters on February 17.

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