The Invitation (2022) Ending Explained: Is Walter Dead? Does Evie Kill Oliver?


The Invitation (2022) Ending Explained: Is Walter Dead?  Does Evie Kill Oliver?

Blair Butler and Jessica M. Thompson's horror drama film "The Invitation" is set in a rural area of Great Britain. Its principal actors are Thomas Doherty of "Gossip Girl" and Nathalie Emmanuel of "Game of Thrones." The movie centers on Evelyn "Evie" Jackson, a waitress getting over the loss of her mother who learns an unexpected link to the Alexanders, a clan of British abstract artists.

Evie meets Walter De Ville, a British Lord from Whitby, when she visits the family in England and attends a cousin's wedding. Evie quickly begins to exhibit aberrations, though, and she recognizes that her life is in jeopardy. Here is all the information you need to know about "The Invitation's" conclusion in case you're wondering whether Evie survives or succumbs to the schemes of the Alexander family. Spoilers follow!

The Invitation Plot Synopsis

The story of "The Invitation" centers on Evelyn "Evie" Jackson, a struggling artist from New York City who works as a caterer to support herself. Evie is inconsolable at the death of her mother, who passed away from cancer a few months earlier. Evie comes across a website one night while browsing the internet that uses a person's DNA to identify their lineage and long-lost relatives. Evie uploads a DNA sample in the hopes of finding a match and learning who her ancestors are. She soon receives a message from a man using the internet by the name of Oliver Alexander. The test reveals Oliver to be Evie's second cousin.

Evelyn "Evie" Jackson, a failing artist from New York City who works as a caterer to support herself, is the main character of "The Invitation." Evie is unable to cope with the loss of her mother, who died of cancer a few months ago. One night while surfing the web, Evie comes upon a website that uses a person's DNA to determine their history and long-lost relatives. In an effort to identify her relatives and locate a match, Evie uploads a DNA sample. Soon after, she gets a message from Oliver Alexander, a man who uses the internet. Oliver is identified as Evie's second cousin by the test.

Evie starts having vivid dreams while she's at the manor, one of which features Emmaline killing herself. The castle's staff of maids, meantime, are attacked by an enigmatic shadow, which causes them to vanish one by one. When Evie meets her aunts and cousins, she finds out that she is the only living female in the Alexander family. Later, Lucy and Viktoria are introduced to Evie; both of their families have ties to the De Villes.

The Alexanders have continued the custom of giving one lady from their family as a bride to Walter, as have the families of Lucy and Viktoria. They get power, fortune, and renown in return. The Alexander family's wealth and the vampire's abilities began to diminish after Emmaline committed suicide, leaving Walter without a third bride. However, Walter and the Alexanders plan to renew their agreement by marrying Evie. As a result, Evie can fall victim to Walter's powers or succeed in escaping, setting up the gripping climax of the movie.

The Invitation Ending Explained: Does Evie Escape and Is Walter Dead?

In the closing scene of the movie, Walter gets ready to take Evie as his third wife. Evie is confined in a coffin after Viktoria knocks her unconscious for struggling, though. Evie's castle maid, Mrs. Swift, assists her in her area. But Mr. Field ends up killing Mrs. Swift in the process. Evie evades Mr. Field's pursuit by running to a nearby town. At the home of an old couple, Evie finds safety. The couple, who subsequently summon Walter and deliver up Evie, however, knock her out cold. Evie discovers herself in Walter's company when she awakens. When a maid's leg is bloodsuck, he confesses that he is Count Dracula.

Later, Evie discovers herself accompanying Walter down the aisle. Following the wedding, Walter gives his blood to Evie in order to complete the eternal life ritual and fulfill his promise to the Alexanders. Drinking some of Walter's blood, Evie gains some of his abilities. She transforms into a vampire and makes use of her increased power to stab Walter in the chest. When Evie tries to run away, Mr. Field forces her into a battle. While Viktoria rushes after Dracula's bride, she kills the servant. Lucy steps in, though, and confronts Viktoria. She drives herself and Viktoria into a neighboring statue, converting them to ash in the process.

In the meantime, Walter heals from the injury and transforms back into his senile state. He attacks Evie with all of his might, which causes a battle between the two lovers. Evie destroys the chapel during the conflict, starting a huge fire. Evie notices Walter trying to dominate her, but she recalls what Emmaline and her mother said. Evie is given the will to resist by their words, and she forces Walter into the flames.

Evie ultimately succeeds and kills Walter in order to get away from him. Even though she has Dracula's blood giving her physical strength, Evie's mother and ancestor's strength are what enable her to fight Walter. After the battle, Evie's vampire abilities vanish. Lucy claims that the abilities will only be active as long as Walter is still alive. Losing her abilities suggests that Walter has passed away. It's also possible that Walter is just having a bad weekend and that his relationship with the brides has been broken by the altercation with Evie. Therefore, we think Count Dracula is still alive and may decide to hunt out Evie in the future.

Does Evie Kill Oliver?

A few weeks pass until Evie escapes from the New Carfax Abbey Castle in the movie's epilogue. Oliver Alexander is seen in the scene discussing Evie on the phone with an unknown individual. It appears that he is attempting to profit by selling Evie. Oliver also confirms that Evie no longer possesses her vampire abilities. However, before we can hear the entire exchange, Oliver walks into his office. In the meantime, Evie and her buddy Grace locate Oliver and get ready to kill him. The conversation's tenor suggests that Evie wants to murder Oliver.

Oliver reaches out to Evie earlier in the film. He presents himself as a charming and gullible British businessman who shares the wealth of his family with Evie, whose existence he has only recently learned. Oliver is responsible for Evie's struggles, though. Oliver is the one who gets in touch with Evie and makes plans for her wedding to Walter. Oliver is thus directly to blame for Evie learning about the vampire community. She probably wants to seek revenge on the Alexanders as a result.

Furthermore, it makes sense that Evie would want to kill Oliver for his errors given that the whole charade began with his deceptions. Evie must kill Oliver in order to protect her safety because it appears that he is still hatching plans to harm her. In the end, Evie killing Oliver would complete her journey and release her from the connections tying her to the threats she is expected to face in the future as a result of her ancestry.


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