10 Minutes Gone (2019) Ending Explained


10 Minutes Gone Ending Explained

A 2019 action-thriller movie called "10 Minutes Gone" is about an experienced safe-cracking expert named Frank Sullivan who loses ten minutes of his memory after being struck down shortly after a bank heist gone wrong. Joe's brother is killed and the heist's booty is taken within these ten minutes. Frank must identify the offender while avoiding an assassin sent to tie up any loose threads that would point to the crime boss who planned the heist. The movie is directed by Brian A. Miller, who is renowned for recruiting A-list action-movie legends of the previous generation, and stars Michael Chiklis and Bruce Willis in compelling performances. We've got you covered if you enjoy all things action-packed and are wondering how "10 Minutes Gone" ended. Spoilers follow!

Plot Summary for 10 Minutes Gone

The crew, which is comprised of the brothers Frank and Joe as well as the weapons experts Baxter and Mitchell as well as the technology expert Griffin, was hired by the crime boss Rex (Bruce Willis). They were given the task of retrieving a metal case from a bank safe and bringing it back to Rex for his customer. They would each receive $500K in compensation for this, distributed equally among them. The group successfully entered the bank, opened the safe, and removed the priceless case, but someone raised the alarm and informed the police. The police ambush the crew and begin firing openly. After a fierce battle, the group splits up, each man for himself. Even though they do manage to flee the scene with the metal case, Frank is rendered comatose after someone breaks the back of his skull. He awakens after ten minutes to discover his brother dead and the metal case missing.

Ivory, Rex's assassin, is sent loose by a perplexed Rex to retrieve the case and eliminate all of the suspects. Frank contacts Joe's girlfriend Claire, who is portrayed by Meadow Williams, in the meantime since Joe asked him to look after her in the event that something happened to him. Claire was in danger as well because Ivory was closing in on them. Frank then moves on to find each of the gang members and execute the traitor in order to exact revenge on his brother. However, after numerous fights and shootouts, Frank ultimately kills everyone of them.

Who Is the Culprit?

Frank is confident that Griffin betrayed them and took the metal case after he killed Baxter and Mitchell. Frank searches every area in Cincinnati where he might be in order to locate him. Ivory holds Frank at gunpoint as he finally closes in on Griffin at the metro stop. In order to negotiate Frank's future, she calls Rex. Frank persuades them that Griffin leaked their identities and would flee at the sight of Ivory. They therefore require him. They consent to allowing Frank to pursue Griffin while Ivory follows.

After a wild chase, Frank and Griffin engage in combat, with Griffin having the upper hand and pointing a gun at Frank. Just before Ivory shoots him down and searches his luggage but cannot find the item, Griffin finally admits that he was unaware of Joe's death. Frank is about to be killed by Ivory when Claire enters the room and shoots her. In the first 20 minutes of the film, anyone could have surmised that Joe's girlfriend Claire was the murderer. She blatantly admits her wrongdoing to Frank, who is stunned.

How did Claire come to kill Joe?

After delivering the case, she didn't believe it was worth the bother to divide the $500,000. Joe requested that it be distributed equally among the entire crew. As the group reviewed their strategy at her pub, she had all the information on the heist. She devised her own plan to seize the case and deliver it herself while the crew prepared for the big day because she was aware that whomever delivered it would receive the full money.

So, on the day of the heist, she activates the alarm immediately following the crew's bank robbery and calls the police to report the crime while posing as a bank employee. Claire is the one who knocks Frank unconscious after they successfully make their escape through the alleyway. She threatens to kill Frank unless Joe gives her the briefcase. Joe complies and makes futile attempts to persuade her. Claire shoots him when he grabs for his gun and takes the case.

Frank can now understand why Claire killed the patient in the hotel clinic run by the criminal doctor, as well as why she persisted in following him despite his warnings. After Claire describes her actions, Ivory jumps back up and shoots Claire. She was curled up after being shot, most likely to hide her non-wounds, because she was wearing a bulletproof vest, which explains why.

What Frank meant when he said “So Much for Honour Among Thieves”?

Rex shows in with a duffel bag packed with the promised $500,000 right after Ivory kills Claire. They investigate the contents of the package and discover diamonds worth $30 million. Rex's assertion that thieves are honest is refuted by Frank when he encounters them. Frank would typically never inquire as to what he was stealing from Rex and would always deliver the contents of the broken safe with the utmost secrecy, trusting that Rex would use him for several jobs and pay him well.

So much for honor among criminals, he responds after Frank gives him the whole sum. He had two options regarding when to say this. One, he presumably finds it disappointing that the money he and his crew were supposed to receive from the stolen shipment was really a trifle. Or two, Frank probably thought Rex and Ivory would kill him too out of respect for them, since they had planned to kill every crew member. Rex tells Frank to get ready for his next task, but instead he takes off running. Frank waves as if he can't believe his good fortune and leaves just as the police arrive.

Does Rex Give His Clients the Diamonds?

Rex had about a dozen successful heists under his belt through Frank, and he was known for not asking too many questions about the situation. Prior to the task being finished, he was offered 1.5 million dollars in addition to the $500,000 that was first given to him. Since the start of the film, Richard, the middleman, has been trying to get Rex's neck. The contents of that case, which we later find contain diamonds worth $30 million, were the target of various high-end criminals and law enforcement organizations, according to him.

The reason why law enforcement would be interested in diamonds remains a mystery. The client couldn't have wanted them to know that what they were stealing was worth much more than what they were getting paid, in case Rex decided to keep the box for himself. The only explanation that makes sense is that Richard wanted to deceive them. It is probably a side effect of cutting away the middleman.


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