'Alice in Borderland': All Games from Season 2 Ranked


It's time to ask: How wonderful were the games that Alice in Borderland Season 2 provided for us now that we've had some time to digest and reflect on them. Since the cast was divided into several cores in the second set of episodes of the Japanese series, we saw more varied games. This allowed Borderland players to participate in certain activities that were less action-packed but yet exciting.

We will thus rate the seven key games featured in the new season, with the majority of them being portrayed by the series' three main characters, Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya), and Chishiya (Nijiro Murakami). We're excluding from this list games that were only briefly shown in Episode 7, those that featured random characters, and/or those whose rules weren't made obvious. These games are those that weren't completely described throughout the episodes.

7. King of Clubs Arena

Without a doubt, the game that is least strong on the list is not always a bad game. After all, this is the game that begins Season 2 and announces that everything will be bigger and more hazardous this time around. Every participant in the King of Clubs' arena is forced into fight or flight mode by the shooting range (or battleground), and both actions have terrible repercussions.

The King of Clubs game deviates from the norm, which is what makes it terrifying for Borderland gamers. They spend a considerable amount of time trying to determine the rules of his game before realizing there aren't any. Simply said, you must kill him for him to cease. The King of Clubs is always armed with a fully loaded machine gun, and his blimp also takes down anyone who crosses his defined region, making it extremely difficult to approach him.

The fact that this game spans the majority of the season and that its threat hangs over at least half the episodes adds to its uniqueness. It only ends when Arisu and his pals realize they can't ignore it any longer, resulting in an unprecedented carnage. It's a bit difficult to believe that this game lasts for as long as it does because it's so lethal that no one should expect to survive it for more than 10 minutes.

6. Beginner's Croquet with the Queen of Hearts

Even while the Season 2 finale isn't the most exciting, it does appear intriguing at first. The Queen of Hearts Mira Kano (Riisa Naka) greets Arisu and Usagi as soon as they reach the top of the structure and shares two unexpected pieces of information with them: They won't even have to win; they'll just play a straightforward game of croquet. I'm done now. They merely need to reach the game's conclusion; there are no complications or alternative rules.

No doubt, if you've seen even one episode of Alice in Borderland, you already know that it's not going to be that easy and expect that there will be a catch at some point. This is where the game kind of falls flat because it doesn't offer anything unique on its own. The "actual" game begins when Mira causes a significant distraction that renders Arisu and Usagi incapable of finishing the match.

However, we must also take into account the fact that this final game's plot does not need to be complex or ground-breaking because what matters most are the revelations Mira makes to the key characters and what happens after the game ends. In the end, though, it is still a game by definition, even if it isn't as exciting as the other games on this list. 

5. Get out of the stadium

This season's smallest game may not have any major characters, but it is presented from beginning to end and seems straightforward (on paper): Players simply have to flee from a stadium that begins to collapse as soon as the game starts. It's not difficult to sense the players' desperation, and it's impossible not to wish for everyone to survive.

However, this game's emphasis is slightly different because it serves to give Akane Heiya some backstory (Yuri Tsunematsu). The girl's past with her mother, how she lost her limb, and how she quickly learnt to be brutal in Borderland are all revealed in the flashback.

4. Checkmate With the Queen of Spades

Players must tag each other during sixteen rounds of this exciting variation of tag, which last five minutes each. The guidelines are quite basic: To add someone to your squad, you simply tap on the button on their back from their device. The team with the most players at the conclusion of all rounds wins, and each player can switch teams only once every turn. But the Queen of Spades is so sure of herself that her squad only has four players at first while the Challenger team has 16.

During sixteen intense rounds of tag, each lasting five minutes, players must tag each other. The rules are very straightforward: You only need to tap on the button on their back from your device to add someone to your team. Each player can only switch teams once every turn, and the team with the most players after all rounds wins. However, the Queen of Spades is so confident in herself that her team initially only has four members while the Challenger team has sixteen.

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3. Balance the Scale with the King of Diamonds

Chishiya is seated at a table with four other players inside the opulent Supreme Court building in Alice in Borderland, one of the rare games where players get to play while sitting down and being still. The intricacy of this game is crucial: In three minutes, players must select a number between 0 and 100. After then, the game system will tally up all the selected numbers and calculate an average, which is then multiplied by 0.8. The round is won by the person who selected the number that was closest to the outcome. Here's when it gets scary: if you don't win, you lose one or more points.

A sizable pool of sulfuric acid fills up on top of your skull whenever you lose one or more points. When the player's score reaches -10 points, the acid spills on top of them and instantaneously kills them. Then, the basin becomes too heavy and topples over. A new rule is added each time a new player is eliminated, or killed.

This kind of game exemplifies how brutal Alice in Borderland can be without putting players in a life-or-death struggle. The players from Balance Scale must devise a strategy quickly in order to survive each round. This requires mathematics, logical reasoning, as well as trial and error, and all of this must be accomplished in a maximum of a few rounds. The game also demonstrates Chishiya's intelligence and offers a glimpse into his life before joining Borderland.

2. Osmosis With the King of Clubs

When a game combines action and brains, Alice in Borderland shines. Osmosis is advertised as a two-hour tag game, but because to its complicated scoring system, participants must come up with a plan if they want to win. Each player in this version wears a bracelet, and the team must select how many points to allocate to each player. Because you must choose which players may lose more points and which cannot, the point differential is essential.

Osmosis is one of the finest games from Season 2 because it is dynamic, requires players to come up with a plan of attack immediately, and has flexible rules that allow for innovative game play. Naturally, "getting creative" in this society entails using some extreme measures to ensure a victory, as Arisu discovers later. It's entertaining for us to watch from the comfort of our home, though.

1. Locked Up Alone With the Jack of Hearts

Putting people we care about in circumstances where they appear to be trapped is one of the things that makes a TV series fascinating. Halfway through Season 2, Chishiya engages in a cell block game that defies his laid-back attitude. You can feel his misery as the walls start closing in for the first time ever in the series, even though he never lets it show.

On this game, the players' necklaces have a small screen in the back of their necks that, at the beginning of each round, shows one of four card symbols: clubs, diamonds, spades, or hearts. By the end of the round, you can advance only if you properly identify the symbol that is displayed on your screen. This implies that if you want to succeed, you must put your trust in someone and form an alliance.

In addition to introducing a number of intriguing characters, many of whom defy the anime cliches that are prevalent throughout Alice in Borderland, this game is the greatest of the season because it corners Chishiya in a way that makes you fear for his future. Last but not least, this game introduces two characters that, if the show is renewed for Season 3, will unquestionably be crucial to further episodes, giving us two outstanding players for the subsequent games.

All Alice in Borderland episodes are currently available to stream on Netflix.


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