Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro explains how he designed the Trunks and Goten superhero costumes

Dragon Ball Super features new stories in the manga. The Tournament of Power ended in March 2018 and since then the manga has been responsible for advancing a few sagas to the anime. At this time, the arch of Granola, the last survivor of the Cereal race, has been closed and a filling plot has begun.

Toyotaro surprised in December, after his vacation, with the premiere of the saga of Trunks and Goten. This story is inspired by the movie "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero", where part of the daily life of the secondary characters is seen.

Episode 88 of the manga reveals that these two saiyans must go to school, but also that they work incognito as superheroes and take the names Saiyaman X1 and X2.

Toyotaro explains how he designed the Saiyaman X1 and X2 suits

In a recent interview for the official Dragon Ball website, the mangaka explained how Toriyama approved the new design of Trunks and Goten.

"In fact, I had the opportunity to make the first version of his designs, which I then gave to Toriyama to get his valuable feedback. The concept behind them was to come up with something that wasn't too 'cool' and actually had a retro feel.

The costumes are actually a bit old-fashioned, but our two half-saiyan heroes personally I think are great. So maintaining that balance is the real challenge," he explained.



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