Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro Unveils the Future of the Superhero Arc


Dragon Ball Super is located in a filler or secondary arc. At the moment, Goku and Vegeta are training with Bills and Whis far from Earth. For this reason, Toyotaro has focused on developing new stories of secondary saiyans.

Both follow in Gohan's footsteps and work as superheroes as Saiyaman's successors. They have only had a mission against some bank robbers, while at the end of episode 88 we manage to see that they have an encounter against Dr. Hedo's henchmen.

Being a story that does not follow some pattern, it is difficult to predict what will happen to both saiyans. Toyotaro talked about what's in store for the current manga saga in a recent interview on the anime's website.

The future of the Trunks and Goten arc

"There's going to be a lot of development and new characters. We have some fun twists in store. I would have seen Mai wearing a Blue Hal High School uniform on the cover of Chapter 1, so in the second chapter we'll actually see her going to that school.

So readers will have more romantic comedy moments to enjoy. And also, at the end of Chapter 1 there was a mystery disc, so there will be developments in the next chapter related to the disc. So I hope everyone enjoys it," the mangaka explained.

Chapter 89 is scheduled for publication on February 19 in V-Jump magazine. You can read it on the Manga Plus website.


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